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Missional Communities

At Triangle Church we are passionate about the communities that we have links with: whether visiting our local primary School, meeting civic leaders or spending time with young people we believe that we are all called to be active in our communities to bear witness to the life and love of God.

Our work to be and create missional communities is led by Rev Kiran ( Some of these are fixed, some are more fluid - but all are centred upon Jesus.

Civic witness

As Christians we are called for our faith to be an intrinsic part of who we are and where we go. We seek to represent Jesus and His Church in our interactions with all who hold office, at a local, borough and county level, creating alliances to further work which reflects the justice and mercy of God throughout the town of Ipswich.

Council offices pic.jpg

Children and Young People

It is often said that young people are our future - but they can also be our present if we are present to them. If that is  the case then we should be seeking to walk with and connect with young people in our community in creative ways. We seek to do this through engaging regularly with our local primary school, being present to young people who gather outside the church and its charity shop, supporting the YouthZone youth group which the church hosts, and creating Christian art which relates the Gospel to everyday struggles.

Rev'd Kiran is a spoken word poet/hip hop artist and regularly shares pieces at our local primary school in assemblies or more informally with young people on the estate. His published work can be found here -

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