Outdoor Study Group

Mid Week Groups

All Groups Weds 6.15pm -7.45 PM at Church, with childcare available

Bible Lesson

Start Course

New to Christianity ?

Start! introduces Christianity through six DVD based interactive, small-group sessions.  The Start! course makes no assumptions about participants’ background or experience or knowledge of Christianity or the church. It really does start from scratch.

Triangle Church run the Start course quarterly and the next course will commence after Easter 2020 


Bible Study groups

Sharing scripture together

When we study in groups, we profit from multiple insights and perspectives. The amount of knowledge and experience may be broader than when we study on our own, and we can gain much by learning from others. We can also serve others by sharing our knowledge and experience. Group study also offers a safe place for discussion and application of what we are learning. When we talk about what we are learning with others, it tends to become more embedded. We can ask one another questions, share real-life stories of how the Word has impacted us, share struggles of faith, and the like.


Monthly Prayer Meeting

Praying together as a family

Every Weds following the Breakfast Church sunday we meet to pray as a community, this takes the form of Prayer Stations with the young people and then when they go to their group and chat those left continue to pray until we all come back together to share